・Developer Enterpriseは社員のみに限定される




“Customer” means a current user of Your products or services or a user to whom you are 

providing a demonstration of Your products or services. 



"Employees" means employees and contractors of Your company or organization, or of Your 

MDM Customer’s company or organization. If You are an educational institution, the term 

"Employees" also includes faculty, staff and students of Your institution, and if You are a hospital, 

the term “Employees” also includes credentialed physicians, referring physicians and clinicians. 



Appleとの規約にしたがって、アプリの不正利用をしないことを契約したユーザーは"Permitted Users"(アプリの使用を許可されたユーザー)になるみたいです。




“Permitted Users” means employees and contractors of Your Permitted Entity who have written 

and binding agreements with You or Your Permitted Entity to protect Your Internal Use 

Application from unauthorized use in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.





実店舗内(on Your physical premises)もしくは、物理的に顧客を止めれる状態(セールスでのプレゼンなど)では、顧客のiOSへのインストールが可とのことでした。


(f) Allow Your Customers to use Your Internal Use Applications on Deployment Devices, but only 

(i) on Your physical premises and/or on Your Permitted Entity’s physical premises, or (ii) in other 

locations, provided all such use is under the direct supervision and physical control of Your 

Employees or Permitted Users (e.g., a sales presentation to a Customer).